Carstan Wants To Make Your Vision Into a Reality. 

It's Important when shopping for the Right Contractor that you are provided a Complete Scope Of Work.
Communication is Key.

Educate Yourself and Find Out What Your Local Buildings Department Will Require To Get You Your Building Permit. 

Carstan Is Here To Communicate To Your Local Ordinance For You. First Carstan Will Deliver Your Permit Application Along With a Stamped Signed Of Plans From Your Architect To The Building Department. 

Once You Have All Your Permits and Approvals Now We Are Ready To Start The Demolition of Your Existing Foundation, Decks and Anything Else You Want To Get Rid Of. The Excavation Takes Place To Create The Necessary Form For The Next Phase of Putting In The Foundation and Sanitary Systems. The Excavation Is A Fairly Quick Process If It's Done Right! Don't Leave Your Neighbors With The Task of Cleaning Up The Mess Created By Your Construction Site While You're Not Home.

Carstan Works With Local Reliable Demolition Companies That Guarantee Every Last Nail Is Thrown Away Properly. 



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If you've come to this page, it's because you want to know more about The House Lift. You've Come To The Right Place.

With Over 1000 House Lifts Completed In Long Island NY Alone, Carstan is Here To Help You Every Step of the Way.

Do you have an Architect? 

If Not, No Problem! We'll Bring Our Architect to the Meeting. It's Important To Hire A Experienced Builder That Can Be Involved With Helping You Decide How To Build The Home Of Your Dreams Within Your Budget and as Energy Efficient As Possible.



Next We Will Begin Setting Up All The Disconnections Necessary Including All Gas, Electric, Water/Sewer Services. Carstan Waits On Hold... So You Don't Have To! Learn More and Check Out Our Forms Page.

It's Important To Protect Your Investment and Make Sure That Your Contractor is Following All The Legal and Necessary Agendum Prior To Starting Your House Lift. Including calling 811! 

Did You Know? That NY State Requires You Call 811 At Least 2 Full Working Days Prior To Starting Any Sit Excavation... and Yes That Includes Planting A Rose Bush On Your Property!




Raising Your Home Is Usually The Most Cost Effective Solution To Avoid Flood Damage. Homes Are Also Raised To Expand Living Space. Whatever Your Reasons Are, You Should Keep In Mind Lifting Your Home Could Significantly Reduce Your Insurance Costs. 

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Depending On The Region Your Home Is Built In, Your New Home's Foundation Consists of a Slab, Block or Pored Wall Foundation. Lo