Additional City of Long Beach Requirements 

1. The City of Long Beach requires the following checks:

  • $500 check payable to the City of Long Beach to cut & cap the water lines 
  • $6,000 check payable to Carstan Construction for the Road Opening Permit & Water
  • Any Additional Fees due for the Building Permit  must be made out to the City of Long Beach

     *Note ALL Final Utility Bills Must Be Paid*

2. If necessary, Carstan will order a Sprinkler Plan as well as Submit it to the City of Long Beach. Cost varies per project according to the size of the home.

3. Upon leaving residence the Homeowner must call

  • PSEG with the Final Meter Reading    1(800)490-0025
  • National Grid with Final Meter           1(800)930-5003

4. Additional Payment Requirements include

  • Construction Elevation Certificate
  • Survey & Benchmark
  • Foundation Survey
  • Final Survey & Elevation Certificate